"a dream? - a poetic experience" released on itch.io

2016-12-07 14:42:25 by SiJaf

"a dream? - a poetic experience" is now available on itch.io.


Join the journey of a frog representing the different facets of our lives and personal experiences throughout 40 stages...

With each hop you will move closer to your goals. Sometimes you will fail, sometimes you have to wait and sometimes you need to take a risk! You will travel alone, get company, loose friends and gain friends!

Each movement creates ripples and influences the environment. Use this to find a path to move towards your goals and dreams!

Each sound is created through your movement to generate an atmospheric soundscape throughout your journey!

Get "a dream? - a poetic experience" on itch.io.

"a dream? - a poetic experience" DEMO released

2016-11-20 06:26:18 by SiJaf

A free demo of "a dream? - a poetic experience" is now available at itch.io (as download). It demonstrates 15 levels of the final game and is supposed to demonstrate the experience and support the Steam Greenlight campaign.


  • "a dream? - a poetic experience" is an artistic puzzle platformer about different facets of life and personal experiences.
  • Each level represents a personal theme, conveyed through the level composition, challenges and soundscape and is narratively structured around a poetic structure.
  • In Japanese culture the frog is seen as a symbol of luck and throughout the progression of the game each step reflects the small steps and jumps we as humans do to progress in our lives, ambitions and dreams.
  • The soundscape is generated based on the interactions of the player.
  • It offers 40 stages with different themes and associated obstacles to overcome. Demo has 15 stages.


Game Mechanic

  • While the player only controls the jump of the frog (direction, strength and time), the dynamism of the levels creates a number of varieties and challenges.
  • Dynamism is created through the fact that landing on an object creates ripples, which affects other elements in the level based on their characteristics.
  • Ripples are created not only by the player, but by any other frogs in the level, similar to the effects other people have in one’s environment.

Download the free demo at itch.io and consider supporting the game's Steam Greenlight campaign.
And feel free to provide any feedback you might have :)


Rock 'n' Risk Blitz released!

2010-08-11 15:34:51 by SiJaf

For fans and future fans :) After some hard work together with Miccool, my newest game Rock 'n' Risk Blitz has been released! Have fun! Most of the improvements were made based on your feedbacks, so thank you! :)


My first NG frontpage :)

2010-04-05 15:40:17 by SiJaf

Rock 'n' Risk got frontpaged today and yeah, that is a great feeling.

Thanks at anyone who voted for the game, the NG crew for giving it a chance and providing such a opportunity with such a great portal, miccool for the great animations and my sponsor notdoppler for having trust in this game and concept :)

So if you haven't played the game, yet. Have fun! I will try to improve my skills day by day to develop even better games! :)

I was working on my blog since monday and now it is presentable. Due to the death of an artists, who has influenced me in many ways, I made a tribute. Unfortunally my writting skills aren't as good, as he would deserve it. Link

Help maintaining freedom of speech

2009-06-16 10:19:00 by SiJaf

Hi everyone,

with two easy steps you can help the democratic bloggers in Iran to maintain their freedom of speech (one thing we take for granted).

If you have a twitter account, then go to your twitter settings and change your time zone to "(GMT +03:30) Tehran" and your location to "Tehran, Iran".

Whether there was a election fraud or not, this is about freedom of speech and I hope you can take the one minute to help the people there, who are risking their lives.

Thanks in advance.